The NHS has reached tipping point.  It is the third largest healthcare employer in the world​, with the largest part of the workforce being nurses...

Yes in the last 12 month 40% of that workforce has reported being ill with work related stress.

Problem: How can a clinical workforce take care of population needs and health outcomes, if they can not identify, and are not supported in looking after their own health, especially their mental and physical wellbeing.

The Solution

MEDI-HR® is a unique platform enabling the focus on people and productivity.


MEDI-HR® has been designed with direct NHS industry experience and intelligence, which provides valuable insight into the development of this system, and the constant alignment to end users benefits.


MEDI-HR® is intuitive and responsive, and the enabler for this is interoperability between each of the functions within the system, improving efficiencies and capacity management.


MEDI-HR® gives employee and the employer access to; relevant,  legitimate, and purposeful data regarding their employees and the impact on their business.


While maintaining the highest standards of compliance within the NHS, Primary Care, CQC and Cyber Security.

MEDI-HR® Development team: Your2020Vision Ltd is delighted to note that that successful provider for this development is Paralect. 

  • MEDI-HR® gives the end user an ability to effortlessly manage their workforce with an electronic staff record (ESR)

  • Significantly reduces staff management costs.

  • Improve clinical capacity and non-clinical efficiencies.

  • Use AI (or similar machine based learning/algorithms) to improve recruitment and selection process.

  • Enhanced business decisions based on real time data and dashboards.

  • Understanding of workforce health needs through people analytics.

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