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Tunnel Vision...Or Verbal Funnels?

Communication is the process of reaching common understanding, in which participants exchange information, news, ideas, and feelings to create and share meaning.

If you want to understand perhaps the greatest problem inside your organisation and many others, as to why action is not being followed through, tasks are not being acted upon, as they were briefed and outcomes are not being reached efficiently, just watch this video (until end).

The Video demonstrates how information gets funneled from Person to Person and how, at each added step that you are creating in a process, enables a more scope for error and deviation, which increases margin for mistakes.

This is why it is so important to make knowledge available/accessible throughout your organisation for each individual and have well defined and documented processes, which will help to mitigate these mistakes or reduce them to minimum impact.

Remember that with communication it is important to 'tell it how it is', this way you will always know you and your colleagues are being open and honest, which builds on the relationships and avoids anyone feeling inadequate, or undermined. The reliability, quality of the communication is equally as important in assisting you and your colleagues reach new levels of efficiencies within your organisation.